Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I came across this today, Wes Anderson’s stop-motion
movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox.
This classic and well loved
by Roald Dahl has been modified for the silver
screen using an animation method that I am very keen
to learn more about.

I love this type of animation. The simplistic and rigid
movements on the characters give the audience time
to focus on, and appreciate the fine level of detail and
craftsmanship of the models. This can sometimes be
diverted by the fast packed action of the film which is

Like many peopl
e I know I really liked this book as a
child and think that the film will be a success
it appeals to all age groups. I don't think any
other form
of animation could have worked quite so
well or been
as appealing.

From what I've seen in the trailers it looks to be an
awesome adaptation of the magical tale and I will
definitely be visiting the cinemas around it's release
date of late October this year.

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