Saturday, 13 February 2010

Liu Bolin

I have been looking at an abstract artist named Liu Bolin. I came across him whilst researching into a camouflage aspect to my D&AD LIDA Live brief. With his work he literally puts himself into the background, he does this using 'C-Printing' a method in which

I absolutely love his work and the way he can turn something such as a pile of bricks or collapsed building (see Pic 9) into a visual masterpiece.

the way that in some of his pieces he can be almost invisible to the naked eye excites me, visually tricking his audience his location is masked with an amazing mystery.

Not only are his pieces wonderful to the eye but extremely clever and unbelievably intricate. When i first saw this i was truly astounded, everyone I show has the same reaction. His art is both Enjoyable and exquisite.

Interesting Animal Campaining

I like the way in which the producers of these campaign posters have used the animals in these pieces, not because there showing the animals being mistreated but the way they use them as more than that metaphorically labeling them.

The way they've almost camouflaged them into the backgrounds intrigues me also placing them in the piece as a very important part and yet hiding our immediate view from them.

the elements used like the belt in which the campaign details are displayed on, instead of a big bold bulky banner they've gone for the more subtle yet effective leather collar 'strap line' look.

Inspiring Car Advertisements

Friday, 5 February 2010

Royal Navy Advertisement

Justice - D.A.N.C.E.

Although the song itself is not the best thing I've ever heard I just love this music video from Justice, it's the connectivity and rhythm throughout the animation which does it for me, i really like the interactions and diversity between the different designed 't-shirts'. I see this as a great viral for people to link to their friends and receiving almost 3,500,000 views others can too.