Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Hyperreality is a concept in post-modern philosophy; Jean Baudrillard is infamous for his investigations into this idiom.  According to him America for use of a better example, has constructed itself into a country of which is more real than ‘real’, people living there are infatuated with perfection and self wellbeing therefore they are rapped up in a false impression of what ‘real’ actually is.

I have been looking at media and its representations of this ‘real’ life. Audiences interact with this through different methods although the outcome is mostly the same, whether it be the internet, video games or the silver screen the viewer is unintentionally transformed into a physical character of the ‘story’ /  ‘scene’. 

“Within academia, this perspective has become known as ‘media effects’ and is associated with ‘hypodermic’ models of audience in which the meanings of media messages are transmitted to audiences in a relatively uncomplicated way offering little or no opportunity for interpretation or resistance. The media, therefore, are credited with an enormous power over society to influence behaviour and thought”.
Teaching Videogames (page 48).

In some instances this can warp the mind of some people, stereotypically and ironically  americans are mostly involved in these media evoked massacres. Huge blame and outrage has been put onto the video game industry, with many heated parents holding it personally responsible for these 'happenings' it has been treated as if it where an instructional tool for devastation.

Personally i think with the video games out today its both the manufacturers and the participants liability, the games themselves are hyperreal to a point you can confuse the boundaries between imagination and reality. They allow there 'audience' to carry out behavior and actions that are completely alien, that they wouldn't have thought of in the first place. Games like this give the impression to people that are not all there in the head that its ok to go around and commit these vicious and unthinkable acts.

Friday, 25 September 2009

David and an illustrator named Jon Klassen
Worked together to create the new
U2 video - I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight

Monday, 21 September 2009

The Futureheads - DecentDays and Nights music video

Also downloaded from

I have found this futureheads music video

PGA Animation

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I found this Video/animation advertising IBM.
the thing that really stands out is obviously the facts,
figures and general information. I really like the way it's
composed and animated. the american sports fans are
obssessed with these figures so the animator has played
along with this, greatly and yet simply.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Pulp Fiction - Kinetic Type

Jarratt Moody

I found this video on youtube, its designed around the famous 'Ezekial' scene from pulp fiction. The creator is Jarratt Moody. Ive been over his site and found quite a few good animations he has worked on for Stardust design company, most of the projects they have done are extremely high profile and very impressive.

In this piece I liked the personification and attitude he has given the type, not only the way it has a different font and colour based on each character but the movement and identity.
The large white font is dominating and very threatening just like 'jules' the character it is depicted on, where as the small, nervous, panicy light blue is a perfect addition expressing the 'Brett' character who is being verbally attacked.

When the argument gets phsycal and jules shoots brett the type explodes, a spatter effect is added to the type to assist in the violence. When you watch it you feel the imagery without seeing the visual aid of the real footage. The background colour is changed also to fit with the dramatically increased scene, A dark dangerous red has replaced the abusive brown and changed the whole feel to the piece.