Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Pulp Fiction - Kinetic Type

Jarratt Moody

I found this video on youtube, its designed around the famous 'Ezekial' scene from pulp fiction. The creator is Jarratt Moody. http://www.jarrattmoody.com Ive been over his site and found quite a few good animations he has worked on for Stardust design company, most of the projects they have done are extremely high profile and very impressive.

In this piece I liked the personification and attitude he has given the type, not only the way it has a different font and colour based on each character but the movement and identity.
The large white font is dominating and very threatening just like 'jules' the character it is depicted on, where as the small, nervous, panicy light blue is a perfect addition expressing the 'Brett' character who is being verbally attacked.

When the argument gets phsycal and jules shoots brett the type explodes, a spatter effect is added to the type to assist in the violence. When you watch it you feel the imagery without seeing the visual aid of the real footage. The background colour is changed also to fit with the dramatically increased scene, A dark dangerous red has replaced the abusive brown and changed the whole feel to the piece.

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