Monday, 27 September 2010

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Found this image on a blog, (linked above) I really like the look of it and how it ties in to the piece I am doing and its futuristic feel

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Studio Report 1 - Rogue Robot

Rogue Robot is a small studio located in Cheshire, who supply a whole range of services from full video production to motion graphics, photography, live event filming and graphic design. I found them when i was looking for local businesses situated in or around manchester. unlike other well known studios they are small and versatile, linking with clients from their past like

- Peel Holdings, PlayStation, Key 103, Procter & Gamble, CPM Marketing, Braun, GSK, Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Manchester University, City Sightseeing Buses and Stockport Council.

you can see although they are tiny on the scale of things they are still producing good quality work which can get out there.

Here is there Introduction showreel presented on their home page. I liked this company not only because of their size, but also the way they work. There ethic and production is very client orientated and although they do work in a fairly close catchment they give these local companies chance to survive with appropriate advertisements.

This video below is an example of their work I preferred, and I think is a great piece they have created well.

Studio Report 2 - Yolo

I got in contact with yolo last year trying to organize a portfolio visit, unfortunately they were very busy as most design companies are and I had to find a suitable alternative. Although I hadnt recieved any feedback off them them they did reply to my emails which gave me hope that I might be able to worm a visit in the future.

Based in Manchester and established in 2007 Yolo work with a varying range of clients across a wide range of sectors creating effective, bold, fun and professional creative work.

From what I have seen it is run by a man called Martin Fewel, or atleast hes who runs there PR department because he's the call guy for inquiries and who updates there twitter frequently.

Below is a showreel showing examples of there work.

I saw this on there site and was interested about there branding, they have worked with a massive range of companies to produce a very impressive catalog of logos, designs, flyers, advertisements etc.

Below is there 'Sankeys' examples.

Below here i came across there brand identity for 'The Hive' which is basically an office letting company on lever street in Manchester.

I really like the shape and texture used in this logo.

Below is a their for Ministry Of Sound Underground 2009 TV commercial, I really like the use of compositing adding vibrant coloured vectors and shapes to live action footage.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010