Thursday, 6 May 2010

World War - Vincent Chai

I found this image on a web page listing lots of digitally designed robots and instantly remembered it from one of the post student animations we all saw at the Cornerhouse last year. I remember this so well because we had to vote for our favourite film from all of the entries and I voted for this one as it in my opinion stood out as the best there.

It is entitled World War and features a Spitfighter plane attempting to drop a bomb but unable due to a malfunction, the plane get shot at and has to go down. On its way down it transforms into a robot then has to fight another on the ground.

I liked how well made this animation was as it had a lot of attention to detail in the likes of the background with cars, cones, roadsigns. The camera placement was very good also as a lot of contrasting viewpoints and angles were used. Along with this it had some humour to it to, playing off the character as a cheeky hero against a powerful sluggish brute.

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