Monday, 22 March 2010

Shellsuit Zombie

Whilst in London we attended a special night organized by a group named 'Shellsuit Zombie', comprised of three young men and a single young woman they may be small in size but make up for in liveliness and creativity. This evening was designed to give us a mass of information and piece of mind that inventiveness and vision doesn't get left behind at university.

Although this was aimed directly at the third years as they are leaving quite soon we were encouraged to come and get involved and further prepared for leaving ourselves. After talking to us individually, both introducing themselves personally and getting a feel for how we function they devised a small task for us to do. In this we got together into groups of no more than five and were presented with two pieces of paper; one being the name of a celebrity and the the other being a product/item. With this we had to create a campaign/advertisement to try and successfully sell the said item using the celebrity as endorsement. I enjoyed this and so did everyone else, we all worked as groups to quickly come up with a range of ideas in both a humorous and professional fashion.

The overall meeting was a good piece of mind, The hosts were brutally honest about the industry and serious about partial difficulties but assuring at the same time that with effort and drive most people can find there way.

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