Monday, 22 March 2010


We were visited by Stu and Chris from a design group called Thoughtful. Telling us about there pasts in the industry they were very honest about there experiences, discussing this they didn't neglect their problems, they shared with us both the constraints and advantages with working for such big clients, for a huge design firm.

They started off by each introducing there inspirations and things that interested them, although most of this was design related they did both show personal things that gave them muse like Stu's 'David Beckham infamous world cup free-kick moment' and chris's 'attitude of the band Oasis (knowing they were going to be the best band in the world)'.

To accompany there presentation they had several practitioners/designers answering important questions that the thoughtful guys felt were key to expressing how there company worked, these also acted like foot notes so that Stu n Chris could discuss important parts to us more easily, like worlds of wisdom.

at the end of the lecture they had lots of people asking questions, I'm guessing this was because it was a more open and different lecture to some one just boringly going through slide after slide of work, they also asked us for our feedback and how they could impress there next viewers as they were preparing for another massively bigger showing.

Not much could be changed in all honesty the level of detail and genuine thought into this was shown, I was thoroughly impressed throughout the lecture and find it definitely to be one of if not the best so far..

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