Monday, 22 March 2010

Lauren Moriarty

Today we had a practitioner/visiting lecturer and her name was Lauren Moriarty, her initial background is textiles/surface design orientated, although she has both worked herself and collaborated with foreign mediums. This includes digital production in a 3D sense of products designed by her and working in connection with the London Council installing energy efficient street lighting, again designed herself.

Her speciality is these intricate overlapping weaves of lazer cut rubber, plastic and other man made materials. She forms them into a lace which develops into a structure creating cushions, lamps and other wonderful manipulated concept furniture.

Her lace cushion has featured in the advertising for Renault, paris. In this she has had her unique design presented inside the car as apart of its international concept advertisement.

Although these batch productions are very impressive they are very time consuming to make, which is why they are limited to not being further developed into mass production.

She has created a number of wonderful items that she has got into production and stocks them in interior boutiques and retail outlets throughout the UK and internationally. She also told us about PULSE which is a London product festival where she, amongst other designers showcases her work, products and designs to industry figures.

She had a lot of information to give about how she started her production and business, including: setting up her website, payment modes etc.

I think it was good for a change to see someone from a completely different medium to show us no matter how different it is there was still a great deal of relevant information and similarity in the industry.

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